Stardew Valley Available On Android At Last

Stardew Valley

Eric Barone’s charming farming simulator Stardew Valley is now finally out on Android phones. The game launched on PC originally in 2016, and has since gone on to launch to every major gaming platform—Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. This marks the final system launch for it at this point.

The Android version of the game has several cool features in concession to it being on mobile—tough screen controls, obviously, as well as a scaled UI, but also an auto save feature, and finally, a Google Maps style overview for the game world. That last one sounds seriously cool. Stardew Valley is also a one time purchase without any ads or in-app purchases—it costs $7.99 on Android (which is actually about half the price of the game on consoles or PC).

That said, it doesn’t seem like the mobile versions of the game will have multiplayer support like the PC and Switch versions do (and other console versions will soon as well), so at least there is that’s. If you want Stardew Valley on your Android phone, go ahead and grab it from the Play Store now.

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