Something Borderlands 2 Related Has Been Teased By Gearbox For PAX East; Switch Port Incoming?


Gearbox has shared a second tease for PAX East, and enterprising fans and/or people with eyes have pointed out that said tease is just a very blurry image of Borderlands 2. So they are teasing Borderlands 2? But what for? That game is a decade old, and already out on basically every system. It’s even out in VR! It’s out on everything except… hey, maybe they are teasing a Switch port of the game. The blurry image certainly looks in line with what we expect Switch games to look like, if nothing else.

Mind you, this is just a guess. It could well be a Borderlands 2 animated series (I would love to see this), or a mobile port. It could very well not be Borderlands 2, and just be made to look like that as a part of the whole deception for the tease. Who knows? But given that Borderlands on Switch has been a longstanding request, it’s easy to see why many assume this may have to do with that.

In either case, we’ll know next week.

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