Moons of Madness Receives Tense New Gameplay Trailer

Moons of Madness

First person horror titles may seem played out but Moons of Madness from Rock Pocket Games still looks intriguing. Cosmic horror is the flavour of this particular horror and to offer a better idea of how the gameplay will flow, a new 12 minute video has been released. Check it out below.

Published by Funcom, Moons of Madness is about a strange signal intercepted on Mars. This led to the construction of a facility called Invictus, of which protagonist Shane Neweheart is a technician. However, over time, systems start to fail, the team is conspicuously missing and strange visions start to manifest.

Solving that mystery is a core part of Moons of Madness, and the development team is really pushing for an atmosphere of paranoia and tension. Some light puzzle-solving can be expected as the player ventures further through the planet. But what could possibly await? We’ll find out when Moons of Madness releases on October 31st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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