Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director Discusses Plans for New Characters

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square Enix’s Dissidia Final Fantasy NT may not have blown expectations out of the water when it first released (read our official review to know why). But the development team has been adding new content and updates over the past year. The crossover fighting game also has a free to play version for both PS4 and Steam.

What does the future hold though? Final Fantasy 14’s Zenos Yae Galvus was already released earlier this month but director Takeo Kujiraoka says even more are on the way. Speaking to DualShockers, he stated that, “We will continue to adjust the game balance once a month as we have been doing—as well as rebalancing characters to refresh the initial roster.

“We also plan to add a new character once every three months, as well as aesthetic skins for around two characters during the other months. We’d also like to bring back characters in the PSP version, but want to add characters that were never in a Dissidia game as well. We are also working on new elaborate skins.”

So right away that means we can expect at least two more characters for the game before the year is out. How the base game’s characters could be refreshed to keep them competitive remains to be seen but at least the development team is keeping it in mind. Kujiraoka also talked about the possibility of a one-on-one mode, which doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening due to the current game’s unique balance for 3v3. But one can certainly dream for it in the sequel.

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