Contributing Writer

GameaholicMedia is a new gaming site aimed at posting the best. Our content includes game reviews, press releases, listicles, opinion pieces and profiles as well as other human interest stories. The goal of GameaholicMedia is to start s game community.

What are we looking for?

We accept all kinds of content so long as it is related to games in some way, shape or form. Any enthusiastic gamer, game journalist or average gamer can submit a story to our platform. All article ideas must be pitched and approved prior to being submitted for editing (don’t worry, we don’t reject story pitches that often). Here’s an idea of what kinds of articles you can pitch:
  • An opinion piece (It’s worth noting, we don’t approve/reject an opinion based on the opinion itself unless the opinion in question contains hateful or disparaging rhetoric).
  • A list article that contains games that match the topic of the list.
  • A dev/publisher you want to write a profile on.
  • Honestly, if you have an idea for a story but you’re not too sure how to go about it, just shoot it my way. We can talk and workshop it until it has a solid foundation.


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