Borderlands 3’s Epic Games Store Exclusivity as Explained by Randy Pitchford

borderlands 3

It’s no secret that the Epic Game Store is a controversial topic. We’ve written multiple times about it, from the CEO of Epic Games talking about his viewpoint, to games getting review bombed over it and how developers are looking at the disruption. Borderlands 3 was the latest high profile to be announced as a timed exclusive to the storefront, and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to explain the deal, why it happened, and to quell some of the concerns of the Epic Games Store’s lack of features compared to other storefronts.

According to Pitchford, the decision wasn’t his, but instead was on the game’s publisher, Take-Two, and does admit he thinks they have done a poor job communicating the decision.

He says he understands why people are upset with the features lacking on the Epic Games Store, but defends the move saying its part of Epic’s attempt at being competitive over Steam (which has become the de facto leader in the PC market) and that he feels Epic’s investment will have more long term gains and eventually take lead in the market, while also saying the much talked about revenue split, which the Epic Game Store gives a bigger cut of profits to publishers than Steam and most other storefronts, is part of the decision.

Whether or not he is right we’ll have to see. You can check out his tweets below, it’s a lengthy conversation about Steam, Epic and the future of PC gaming.

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